This section includes a variety of resource documents designed to make it easier for researchers and other interested persons to understand the guidelines for authoring ACRIN publications and the development and review process.

Publication Policy

The ACRIN Publications Policy provides detailed information about authors' and ACRIN's responsibilities related to publishing trial results and other information about ACRIN research.

Publications Policy [Link]
Publications Policy [DOC]

Manuscript Proposal for ACRIN Secondary Research

ACRIN investigators interested in obtaining ACRIN images and/or clinical data related to ACRIN secondary research aims can complete the Data Request Form for Secondary Research. This form can be used as an aid during discussions with the respective protocol team. 

Data Request Form for Secondary Research [DOC]

Publication Review and Submission Forms

One of the forms below must be completed to accompany the abstract, poster, or manuscript being submitted for review.

Abstract and Poster Review Form [DOC]

Manuscript Review Form [DOC]

Manuscript Submission Form [DOC]

Publication Flow Maps

The flow maps present the processes for the development, review, submission, and post-publication communication related to ACRIN publications.

Manuscript Development Process [DOC]
Manuscript Review Process [DOC]
Abstract-Poster Review Process [DOC]