The principal business of ACRIN is the conduct of rigorous, multi-institutional, multidisciplinary clinical trials. ACRIN provides a centralized infrastructure for the conduct of trials and includes among its functions:

  • Protocol design
  • Biostatistical services
  • Data and image transmission, storage, and management
  • Development and maintenance of standards
  • Quality assurance
  • Data analysis

Investigators recruited by ACRIN to conduct its trials employ this infrastructure to support trial development, implementation, analysis, and results dissemination. The processes and procedures illustrated in the process maps for the oncologic and cardiovascular trials are designed to accelerate the development of competitive protocol ideas into clinical implementation. All interested parties, including radiologists, commercial vendors, insurers, and organizations, may submit protocol ideas to ACRIN for consideration.

Processes for ACRIN's Oncologic Trials

Research Development Process Map [PDF]

Processes for ACRIN's Cardiovascular Trials

Concept Development Process Map [DOC]