ACRIN's Institutional Participants Committee (IPC) welcomes your interest in becoming an ACRIN site. We encourage you to browse the "Researchers" section of the Web site to learn more about ACRIN scientific goals and how the network functions. Also, the “Protocol Summary Table” section provides information about ACRIN trials and their current status.

Determination as to whether a site initially qualifies to participate in an ACRIN trial is made by recommendation of the IPC. In addition, the performance status of sites participating in ACRIN trials is reviewed annually and sites are provided with a report. All sites interested in ACRIN trial participation will be given full and equal consideration. The IPC, whenever possible, uses existing applicable national standards for credentialing; when such standards do not exist, the IPC may require the sites to undertake additional efforts for credentialing.

The Application Process

All sites must complete a General Qualifying Application (GQA) for trials led by ACRIN. Submission of a GQA may be waived for trials led by another National Cancer Cooperative Group with which ACRIN is collaborating. Sites may submit a GQA to become qualified prior to identifying a specific trial in which the site would like to participate.

Once confirmed as qualified by the IPC, a site may apply to participate in a specific ACRIN trial by submitting the Protocol-Specific Application (PSA) that is developed for that particular trial. Both a GQA and PSA may be submitted at the same time for IPC consideration.

General Qualifying Application (GQA)

The IPC's aim in qualifying ACRIN sites is to ensure that a basic minimum standard of quality exists at the applicant's site. The GQA requires information relating to the following five areas:

  1. Site information (facility type, accreditation, HIPAA compliance)
  2. Personnel (staffing levels and credentials)
  3. Technology infrastructure (Internet access capabilities)
  4. Institutional review board (IRB) affiliation status
    Sites that do not have an IRB must make arrangements to work with an IRB; local academic institutions or research support companies may be prepared to fulfill this function.
  5. Other factors related to research success

    General Qualifying Application [DOC]

Protocol-Specific Application (PSA)

In contrast to the GQA that broadly reviews a site's ability to participate in ACRIN clinical trials, the PSA focuses entirely upon the specific requirements for a site to adequately perform a particular ACRIN protocol.

The ACRIN trial principal investigator (PI) works with the protocol team to determine specific minimum requirements for site participation. The application focuses on the following four areas:

  1. Specialized equipment or technical specifications required for the protocol (eg, 1.5-T magnet, helical CT scanner capable of 1-mm collimation)
    ACRIN seeks to use existing standards and certifications that will establish that the site performs quality imaging. Site accreditation is not required. However, for modalities for which there are no applicable certification programs, or in cases in which standards exist but sites have not secured such accreditation, the IPC requires that the site complete the appropriate quality assurance (QA) questionnaire to demonstrate an acceptable level of quality.
  2. The specific imaging protocol to be performed
  3. Special qualifications for the site PI or other support personnel
  4. Willingness and ability to abide by ACRIN accrual and data quality targets

The IPC reviews and approves all PSAs to ensure the collection of appropriate information for adequate assessment of a site's qualification to participate in a specific trial.

Protocol-specific applications for each protocol are available on the protocol-specific page. Go to the Protocol Summary Table section of this Web site and click on the protocol of interest.