The management of each ACRIN trial is carried out with the support of a principal investigator working with a multidisciplinary protocol team. The backgrounds of the protocol team members represent a broad range of professional expertise.

All administrative support for the development and implementation of protocols (including support for conference calls and preparation of documents) is provided by ACRIN headquarters.

The following expertise is represented on the ACRIN protocol teams:

  • Project Management Team
  • Protocol Statistician (PhD level)
  • Biostatistician (master’s level)
  • Protocol Associate
  • Data Managers (coordinating and staff)
  • Regulatory Specialist
  • Patient Advocate
  • Imaging Specialist
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Auditors
  • Quality Assurance Committee Liaison
  • Additional Experts (as appropriate)

Information about the roles and responsibilities of the above personnel is available in the ACRIN Principal Investigator Manual [PDF].