Protocol Specific Materials
ACRIN 4704 DECAMP Study 2 Recruitment and Educational Materials
ACRIN makes a variety of tools available to help site personnel with study participant enrollment. If your site would like to use any of the tools listed below, please contact the project specialist assigned to the trial.

Recruitment Manual
Recruitment of participants constitutes a significant portion of the workload associated with the DECAMPstudies. Therefore, the DECAMP project at your site will operate more effectively and efficiently if you develop and implement a well-thought out recruitment plan. The recruitment strategies presented in this manual are intended to serve as a framework as your site develops its individual plan.

Recruitment Manual

DECAMP Study 2 (ACRIN 470) brochures are available for participating sites to assist with participant enrollment. All participant recruitment materials must be approved by the site's IRB prior to distribution. A link to an electronic version for submission to the IRB is provided below.

Below are links to DECAMP Study 2 sample brochures. 
Brochure: Group A

Brochure: Group B 

DECAMP Study 2 (ACRIN 4704) posters are available for display in areas likely to be seen by cardiac patients, as well as in general  high traffic areas inside or outside your facility
Below are links to the DECAMP Study 2 Group B sample posters.

DECAMP Study 2 Poster: Group B (For sites that are recruiting military personnel, veterans, and dependents)

DECAMP Study 2 Poster: Group B (For sites that are only recruiting veterans)

Note Cards

ACRIN has blank note cards available for use during the trial. The cards can be used for appointment reminders, thank you messages or correspondence with referring clinicians. Cards intended for use with study participants will require IRB approval.

Sample note card