ACRIN 6688 Protocol Application and Site Activation Materials
For an overview of ACRIN application process, click here

General Qualifying Application (GQA)
The GQA must be completed if your site has not been approved previously to participate in ACRIN clinical trials. GQA Form [DOC]

Protocol Specific Application (PSA)
Each site interested in participating must complete the PSA. ACRIN 6688 PSA [DOC]

Modality-specfic Quality Assurance (QA) Questionnaire
Sites that do not have ACR accreditation for the PET scanner to be used for scanning trial participants must submit a PET QA questionnaire along with the PSA. A site’s application will not be reviewed unless either ACR accreditation is documented in the PSA or the required PET QA questionnaire is submitted.  PET QA Questionnaire  [DOC]

Other Forms

Forms Required Prior to Site Activation 

ACRIN 6688 Case Reimbursement Schedule [PDF]

User Registration for Web-based Data Entry

All site study related personnel should request an individual Login Name and Password if they will be registering patients or entering accrued patient data on the ACRIN website.  A Reader ID should be obtained for all Radiologists that will participate and/or read study related images.  The ACRIN Login Name and Password should not be shared with other study site personnel.

An ACRIN Login Name and Password or Reader ID can be obtained using the link below:
User Registration for Web-based Data Entry [External Link]

Protocol Activation Checklist

This checklist is intended to inform site research personnel about all of the requirements necessary (applications, imaging requirements, training etc.) for a site to activate the ACRIN 6688 protocol. Checklist [DOC]