Screening Breast Ultrasound in High-Risk Women

Protocol Documents

Protocol-ACRIN 6666 Administrative Update to Amendment 6, 11.30.07 [PDF]

SOC-ACRIN 6666 Administrative Update, 11.30.07 [PDF]

SOC-ACRIN 6666 Amendment 6, 11.9.07 [PDF]

Informed Consent-ACRIN 6666 [DOC]

Principal Investigator: Wendie Berg, MD, PhD

Status: Accrual Complete; In Follow-Up

Main Objective: To provide guidance to patients and practitioners on the role, if any, of screening breast ultrasound and the associated risk of an unnecessary biopsy.

Design Summary: We propose a multicenter trial of screening whole breast ultrasound using standardized technique and interpretation criteria in women at high risk of breast cancer. Annual screening for three years will be performed independent of mammography. The number of cancers seen on the initial screen as well as each of two subsequent screens will be assessed.

Additional Funding: Partial funding for this protocol is made available through a generous grant from the Avon Foundation.