Contemporary Screening for the Detection of Lung Cancer

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Protocol-ACRIN 6654 Amendment 10, 11.1.04 [PDF] 

SOC-ACRIN 6654 Amendment 10, 11.1.04 [PDF] 

Principal Investigator: Denise R. Aberle, MD

Status: Results Published

Main Objective:
To determine whether lung cancer screening using low-dose helical CT reduces lung cancer-specific mortality relative to screening with chest radiographs in a high-risk cohort.

Participants: Current or former cigarette smokers between the ages of 55 and 74 years without a history of lung cancer.

Study Design Summary: Prior to randomization, standardized eligibility, health, sociodemographic, and spirometry will be performed. Some participants will provide blood, sputum and urine samples for archive at study entry and at the time of the second incidence screen. Study participants will be randomized into an Experimental and a Control group. The Experimental group will undergo screening with low dose helical CT. The Control group will undergo screening with chest radiographs. Both groups will be screened annually for at least two incidence screens. Both groups will be contacted at six-month intervals to document interval health status. This protocol is conducted in close coordination with the Lung Screening Study of NCI. The two studies comprise the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST).