The PET and PET/CT imaging standards provide researchers with detailed specifications and processes to carry out ACRIN clinical trials that involve PET or PET/CT.  The imaging standards help to ensure consistency across all sites so that quantitative, semi-quantitative, and qualitative endpoints reliably reflect disease status.  The imaging standards are developed by core lab staff and steering committee members, and are open to commentary for improvement at any time.


The principal investigator at each site performing PET or PET/CT scans as part of an ACRIN clinical trial is responsible for ensuring that personnel follow the imaging standards posted below.

PET Imaging Standards

Analysis of PET and PET/CT Images [PDF]

Ensuring USP Compliance of FDG [PDF]


FDG Manufacturing Standards [PDF]


Image Acquisition and Processing [PDF]


Patient Preparation and FDG Administration [PDF]

Qualification Image Review and Quality Control Analysis [PDF]