The Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Core Laboratory is chaired by Paul E. Kinahan, PhD, Professor of Radiology and Director of PET/CT Physics from the University of Washington . The laboratory provides support related to PET technology for ACRIN clinical research and projects sponsored by other entities. A major development has been its involvement in establishing quantitative endpoints for imaging trials and standardized procedures for imaging acquisition and analysis.

PET imaging capabilities include:

  • Site qualification for imaging
  • Procedures and methods for image acquisition and reconstruction
  • Image acquisition and transmission support
  • Clinical image quality assurance and quality control
  • Image archive, review, and access
  • Methods of qualitative and quantitative data acquisition
  • Centralized reader studies

Learn More About ACRIN Trials Using PET Technology

Go to the Protocol Summary Table to identify which ACRIN trials involve PET or PET/CT imaging. Further information about any of these trials can be found by linking to the protocol-specific contents.