Site Initiation (initial qualification only)

  • Submission of the CQIE Application
  • Execution of a participation agreement (MOU)
  • Submission of the Site Assessment Form
  • Completion of CQIE Web Learning Modules
  • MR/CT Site Initiation Visit
  • PET Site Initiation Visit

The first step in the process is two-fold: [1] submit the brief CQIE application, indicating your readiness to begin the qualification process, and [2] initiate execution of the MOU. The time frame for execution of the MOU will vary across sites; however, it typically takes several weeks and sites are urged to proceed with the site initiation process during this time. Upon site submission of the Site Assessment Form, ACRIN will begin development of a site-specific qualification plan and initiate efforts to schedule the site initiation visit.  During this time, the imaging technologists at the site should complete the appropriate web learning modules.  ACRIN will conduct site initiation visits for each site. The purpose of these on-site visits is to familiarize the site with the CQIE qualification requirements and provide on-site training for performance of the annual phantom scans. 

Qualification Imaging (initial and annual qualification)
In brief, the imaging requirements include a series of phantom scans and clinical test images (for MR and PET). Sites will submit all imaging to the ACRIN-ACR Imaging Core Lab for modality-specific qualitative and quantitative assessments. Sites must pass each of the modality assessments for qualification. Though only one scanner per modality is required, sites are encouraged to qualify multiple scanners. Sites will need to submit images and associated data forms for the following imaging:


A series of performance and image quality tests acquired using the ACR accreditation CT phantom and phantom images acquired using a sample vCT protocol.


A series of performance and image quality tests acquired using the ACR accreditation MR phantom, the CQIE body DCE MR Phantom, and clinical test images.


A series of performance and image quality tests using a PET uniform cylinder phantom, the ACR accreditation PET phantom, and clinical test images.   

Standardized Quality Control (annual qualification)

To help address the need of imaging standardization in multicenter and/or quantitative imaging trials, CQIE sites are expected to comply with a standardized set of quality control measures. These QC measures are to be incorporated into the existing quality assurance program at all CQIE sites.