The Special Populations Committee is comprised of ACRIN researchers, research associates and advocates and is committed to improving diversity in participation in clinical trials in the United States.  Recognizing that diversity in clinical trials is required to ensure the applicability of research findings to all segments of the population, the Special Populations Committee aims for ACRIN clinical trials to reflect not only the population of the United States, but the prevalence of gender, race and ethnicity in the disease under investigation.

In its monitoring of the recruitment of women and minorities into ACRIN trials, the Special Populations Committee interacts with ACRIN leadership and the Patient Advocacy Committee. It also participates in national forums on minority recruitment.

The committee is responsible for:

  • ensuring that ACRIN maximizes opportunities to recruit women and minorities into clinical trials;
  • advising ACRIN of special opportunities to investigate situations and/or technologies in which women and minorities are especially affected;
  • reviewing all protocols for potential detriment to the recruitment of women and minorities and suggesting changes to enhance their acceptance;
  •  reviewing patient publications and recruitment plans with regard to monitoring the accrual of minorities by protocol and by institution on an ongoing basis and discussing strategies for improvement with trial PIs and network leadership; and
  • focusing on the importance of site demographics and methods for community outreach in the site selection process.

Committee Members
Elizabeth Patterson, MD, FACR, Chair
Marcela Bohm-Velez, MD - Breast Committee
Kathleen Brown, MD - Thoracic Committee
Beverly G. Coleman, MD - Gynecological Committee
Nanette DeBruhl, MD - Breast Committee
Steven Raman, MD - Abdominal Committee
Marilyn A. Roubidoux, MD - Breast Committee
Diana Gomez-Hassan, MD - Head/Neck/Neuro Committee
Sanford Jeames, DHA - Patient Advocate
Ferdnand Osuagwu, Msc, MD - RA Executive Committee
Lucy Hanna, MS - Brown University Liaison
Joy A. Brown, BS
  - ACRIN Liaison