The dissemination of ACRIN's research is carried out by the Publications and Data Access Committees.   ACRIN also promotes its research and related initiatives through media outreach, a comprehensive Web site, publications (eg, the ACR Bulletin, Journal of the ACR, ACRIN Newsletter), and presentations at the ACRIN Annual Meeting and other scientific meetings.

Publications Committee 


In addition to conducting clinical trials research, a goal of ACRIN is to disseminate results of the research to the scientific community. These include results of primary study outcomes, secondary analyses, and ancillary studies. The role of the Publications Committee is to promote, facilitate, and monitor the timeliness of publication of ACRIN trial results. The Committee members provide peer review of the science of abstracts and papers, facilitate public dissemination of the study and coordinate press releases, and track media representation of ACRIN trial results.



Laurie Fajardo, MD, Chair
Kevin Berbaum, MD
C. Craige Blackmore, MD, MPH
Felix Chew, MD
Etta Pisano, MD
John Eng, MD
Donna Magid, MD, MEd

Suresh Mukherji, MD



Data Access Committee


ACRIN archives the clinical and image data obtained as part of its clinical trial process. The purpose of the Data Access Committee is to review all requests for the use of archived ACRIN clinical and image data, ensure that manuscripts from persons requesting archived data do not precede the primary trial publication and, as resources allow, assist requesters with refining their request.



Laurie Fajardo, MD, Chair
Lori Henderson, PhD
Peter Zamora, BA
Nancy Fredericks, MBA

Constantine Gatsonis, PhD
Ben Herman, SM
Anthony Levering, RT, (R) (CT) (MR),(CIIP)