The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) is composed of representatives of all ACRIN functional areas, including investigators, imaging physicists, research associates, and patient advocates. As a formal oversight body, the QAC is responsible for

  • Monitoring the quality of trial data and general site performance
  • Reviewing quality assurance reports from each organizational component and recommending corrective actions related to site performance, data quality, audits, federal regulatory guidelines, and adverse events
  • Reviewing quality assurance-related initiatives and recommending new quality assurance processes
  • Providing representation on protocol teams to ensure the appropriate incorporation of quality assurance processes in protocol development

Details about site quality assurance compliance requirements are found in the document: Site Quality Compliance  [DOC]

Mitchell Schnall, MD., PhD, Chair
Charles Apgar, MBA
Jose A. Bencomo, PhD
Cindy Cobb, RA
Ilana Gareen, PhD
Eric A. Hoffman, PhD
Geoffrey S. Ibbott, PhD
Phillip F. Judy, PhD
Joel Karp, PhD
Anthony Levering, RT, (R) (CT) (MR)
Gord Mawdsley
Maria Oh, BS
Rathan Subramaniam, MD
Michael Vannier, MD
Charles R. Wilson, PhD