Members of the Patient Advocacy Committee (PAC) are personally committed to maintain participation in a national advocacy organization, reflect an interest in imaging and research, and demonstrate effective communication and leadership skills.

Chair: Margaret (Peggy) Anthony,
RN, MHS, Liaison to the Thoracic Committee

Carole Baas, PhD, Experimental Imaging Sciences Committee Liaison
Sanford Jeames, MA, DHA, Abdominal Committee Liaison
Ann Kolker, BA, Gynecologic Committee Liaison
Neal Levitan, Esq., Head/Neck/Neuro Committee Liaison
Elizabeth Patterson, MD, FACR, Special Populations Committee Liaison
Nancy Sauers, MS, Co-chair and Liaison to the Breast Committee

The goal of advocate involvement in the clinical research system, specifically in the cooperative oncology groups, is to bring the patient perspective to the development and implementation of clinical trials which will answer meaningful scientific questions and to which patients will accrue. Properly implemented, this can lead to the development of trials which will accelerate the accumulation of vital clinical data and provide answers which are sought by both physicians and patients. Despite the potential benefits, the specific role of advocates in trials is largely undefined, creating a challenging environment for both advocates and researchers.

Project IMPACT

The ACRIN Patient Advocacy Committee has developed Project IMPACT, which provides a structured process for advocates working within ACRIN to review concepts for clinical trials. Project IMPACT materials, including the Project IMPACT Statement and Review Form, are available upon

ACRIN Radiation Safety Working Group

Developed as an initiative of the Patient Advocacy Committee, the 
Radiation Safety Working Group
comprises patient advocates, radiologists, medical physicists, research associates, and representatives from the ACRIN imaging core laboratory. The goal of the working group is to provide information and resources about radiation exposure specific to ACRIN clinical trials which focus on imaging for screening, diagnostic and treatment monitoring. 

About Radiation Benefits and Risks [Link]