The Institutional Participants Committee is responsible for ensuring the adequate qualifications of all institutional sites participating in ACRIN clinical trials. Its members review the general qualifying applications (GQA) of new potential participants regarding the adequacy of their general clinical research infrastructure. Protocol-specific applications (PSAs) are then submitted and reviewed to ensure that those sites with approved GQAs have adequate resources and required technical imaging capabilities for a specific clinical trial. The committee meets monthly to review applications; and additional ad hoc meetings may be scheduled as necessary depending on the timing of site activation. The IPC collaborates with the Quality Assurance Committee in the annual evaluation of all sites regarding accrual, quality and timelines of data, and performance as measured through audits. Outstanding performance is acknowledged through a site recognition program. In addition, the IPC has the capability of selecting sites quantitatively and modifying site qualification procedures to meet the needs of Intergroup clinical trials.

Christopher Comstock, MD, Chair
Wendy Smith, BS, RT(R) (CV), CCRP
Terence Z. Wong, MD, PhD