The Biomedical Imaging Informatics Committee (BIIC) is composed of leading researchers and authorities in the biomedical and imaging informatics community, including faculty from National Library of Medicine-sponsored informatics training programs, participants in the  National Cancer Institute’s cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG) initiative, experts developing imaging technology at their home institutions, and individuals substantially involved in notable informatics projects. BIIC is divided into subcommittees that address specific informatics objectives, and they coordinate their activities through monthly conference calls and at biannual meetings.

The BIIC is responsible for: 

  • Providing oversight and leadership in ACRIN’s efforts to advance biomedical imaging informatics to better serve imaging clinical trials
  • Overseeing an effort to develop a new clinical trials data warehouse in a rich, searchable environment for the exploration of image and non-image data from across all ACRIN trials
  • Providing support and leadership, together with ACRIN Headquarters informatics staff for national initiatives such as the caBIGTM In Vivo Imaging Workspace
  • Ensuring compatibility and interoperability between ACRIN data and other relevant standards
  • Supporting the disease site committees and with the Imaging Core Laboratory by enabling optimal computational use of processed image data, image-based end points, and non-imaging data. 

Daniel Rubin, MD, MS, Chair
Denise R. Aberle, MD
Charles Apgar, MBA
Jose A. Bencomo, PhD
Alex Bui, MD
David Channin, MD
Fenghai Duan, PhD
Adam Flanders, MD
Lori Henderson, PhD
C. Carl Jaffe, MD
Steven R. King, MA, CHE
Curtis Langlotz, MD, PHD
Katarzyna Macura, MD, PhD
Robert Macura, MD, PhD
Robert Nishikawa, PhD
Mark Rosen, MD
Edward Staab, MD
Ronald Summers, MD, PhD
Michael Tilkin
Michael Vannier, MD
Lynn Werner