Goal: To provide RAs with the knowledge, training, and support they need to effectively carry out ACRIN’s research mission.

It is critical that all ACRIN RAs be well versed in the requirements of clinical research, be well acquainted with ACRIN policies and procedures, and be knowledgeable about the modalities and diseases on which they are reporting. The RA education program is envisioned to be a comprehensive review of various aspects of clinical research, including, but not limited to:

·  ACRIN policies and procedures
·  ACRIN quality assurance procedures
·  Case report completion
·  Web-based data entry
·  Image transmission
·  Good clinical practice
·  Institutional review board (IRB) procedures
·  Informed consent process
·  Adverse event reporting
·  Audits
·  Documentation and record keeping
·  Regulatory issues


  • Orientation is offered to RAs who are new to ACRIN, to acquaint them with ACRIN-specific procedures and responsibilities.
  • For inexperienced RAs, more in-depth training (e.g., regulations, good clinical practice, IRB issues) would be offered.
  • Education on pertinent imaging modalities (e.g., MRI, PET, SPECT) and specific diseases of relevance to current ACRIN studies is provided in the form of scientific sessions.
  • As a continuing education resource, in conjunction with the RA Mentoring Subcommittee, senior RAs are provided as mentors for new RAs.
  • Integration with the Networking and Communication Subcommittee is necessary to insure that schedules and results of the program are disseminated to all ACRIN RAs.
  • Other educational forums may include: 
      • Providing a forum for RAs to present their own work (e.g., poster sessions held in conjunction with the semiannual meetings)
      • Development and distribution of printed materials (e.g., worksheets, reference information, useful tips and tools)
      • Collaboration with other cooperative groups, leading to nationally recognized research certification (e.g., the Society of Clinical Research Associates [SoCRA], the Association of Clinical Research Professionals [ACRP])