RA Executive Committee Goal: To help integrate the RAs within the ACRIN organization, provide resources for RAs and links between them and the broader organization, and provide a practical and feasible perspective on protocol development and implementation.


The RA Executive Committee structure follows that of other ACRIN committees (i.e., establishment of committee and subcommittee chairs). The RA Executive Committee serves the following functions:

  • Coordinates the Annual RA Educational Symposium
  • Selects the annual Jo-Ann D’Amato RA Award winner for presentation at the ACRIN Fall Meeting
  • An RA from the RA Executive Committee serves as a member on each of the following established ACRIN Committees:
    • Steering Committee
    • Disease Site Committees
    • Quality Control Committee
    • Outcomes and Economic Modeling Committee
    • Patient Advocacy Committee
    • One or more RAs are assigned to participate on the trial team for each protocol approved for development by ACRIN.
    • The RA Executive Committee establishes and fosters subcommittees.