The Steering Committee is comprised of representatives of ACRIN headquarters, the Biostatistics Data Management Center, the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Imaging Program, and ACRIN scientific leadership.  The committee is responsible for electing leadership, establishing and resolving policy issues, authorizing financial and other support for clinical trials, and addressing institutional performance issues.  The principal continuing oversight of the Network is the monthly Steering Committee conference call.


Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD
Network Chair
Denise Aberle, MD
Network Deputy Chair
Barry Siegel, MD
Network Deputy Chair
Margaret L. Anthony, RN, MHS, CNOR
Chair, Patient Advocacy Committee
Charles Apgar, MBA
Senior Director, Diagnostic Imaging Trials
Daniel Barboriak, MD
Chair, Head and Neck/ Neuro Committee
William Black, MD
Chair, Outcomes and Economics Committee
Caroline Chiles, MD
Chair, Thoracic Committee
Christopher Comstock, MD
Chair, Breast Committee
John Eng, MD

Laurie Fajardo, MD
Vice Chair, Media and Publications
Nancy Fredericks, MBA
Director, ACR Communications
Constantine Gatsonis, PhD
Group Statistician
Lori Henderson, PhD (Ex-Officio)
Program Director, National Cancer Institute
Benjamin Herman, SM
Assistant Director, ACRIN Biostastics Center Operations and Staff Management, Brown University
Steven King, MS, CHE
Assistant Executive Director, ACR Philadelphia Office
Susanna I. Lee, MD, PhD
Chair, Gynecological Committee

Frank I. Lin, MD (Ex-Officio)
Medical Officer, National Cancer Institute
Laurie A. Loevner, MD
Vice Chair, Head and Neck/Neuro Committee
David Mankoff, MD, PhD
Chair, Experimental Imaging Sciences Committee 
Maria Oh, BS
Director, ACRIN Protocol Development and Regulatory Compliance
Elizabeth A. Patterson, MD
Chair, Special Populations Committee
Mark Rosen, MD, PhD
Medical Director, MR/CT Core Laboratory
Daniel Rubin, MD, MS
Chair, Informatics Committee
Lalitha K. Shankar, MD, PhD (Ex-Officio)
Cancer Imaging Program, National Cancer Institute
Anthony F. Shields, MD, PhD
Chair, Oncologic Committee
Wendy J. Smith, BS, RT (R) (CV), CCRP
Chair, Research Associates Committee
Daniel C. Sullivan, MD (Ex-Officio)
Chair, Advisory Panel
James L. Tatum, MD (Ex-Officio)
Cancer Imaging Program, National Cancer Institute
Terence Z. Wong, MD, PhD
Chair, Abdominal Committee
Pamela K. Woodard, MD
Chair, Cardiovascular Committee