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Members of the Advisory Panel are appointed, with approval by ACRIN and NCI leadership, to renewable 3-year terms. They are experts representing a variety of fields who have no direct involvement in ACRIN research activities. In its ongoing oversight of ACRIN progress, the panel objectively assesses the grant review and response, determines whether operations are consistent with ACRIN’s scientific agenda, and evaluates the alignment of ACRIN’s scientific research plan with NCI and cancer treatment cooperative group interests. This review also focuses on the organizational structure’s responsiveness to the most promising opportunities in the field, flexibility in composition and decision-making, and lack of conflict-of-interest in research prioritization. The Advisory Panel Chair submits a written assessment of ACRIN activities to NCI and ACRIN leadership at least annually.

Committee Members

Daniel C. Sullivan, MD, Chair
Wade M. Aubry, MD
Robert O. Bonow, MD
N. Reed Dunnick, MD
Harold Goldstein, MD
Edward F. Jackson, PhD
Jeffrey G. Jarvik, MD, MPH
Larry G. Kessler, ScD
Kenneth A. Krohn, PhD
C. Douglas Maynard, MD
Nancy Obuchowski, PhD
William Z. Potter, MD, PhD
Gregory H. Reaman, MD
Donald W. Rucker, MD
George Wilding, MD