A major objective of NLST-ACRIN was the creation of a national resource of biospecimens consisting of serial collections of blood components (plasma and buffy coat), urine, and sputum from a subset of participants at each of the three annual NLST screening exams as well as resected tissues from trial participants with lung cancer. 

By coupling biospecimen collection with imaging-based screening, the NLST-ACRIN Biorepository is relatively enriched for early clinical stage lung cancers and associated biospecimens, and should provide a unique resource of extremely well characterized biospecimens with longitudinal data.  The NLST-ACRIN Biorepository is available for all research platforms that will validate biomarkers of early lung cancer that are proven to have potential in preliminary testing.   

Requests for NLST-ACRIN Biospecimens

The NLST biorepository was relocated from University of Colorado Denver to the ECOG-ACRIN Central Biorepository and Pathology Facility at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in March 2017.

Individuals interested in obtaining ACRIN-NLST biospecimens for projects unrelated to ACRIN-NLST study aims described in the protocol ( should review the Biorepository Summary and contact to request details and instructions on the access request process.