ACRIN PROTOCOL 6668 / RTOG 0235 Minimize
Positron Emission Tomography Pre- and Post-treatment Assessment
for Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma

Protocol Documents

Protocol-ACRIN 6668 Amendment 7, 3.2.10 [PDF]

SOC-ACRIN 6668 Amendment 7, 3.2.10 [PDF]

Informed Consent-ACRIN 6668 [DOC]

Principal Investigator:  Mitchell Machtay, MD

Status:  In Analysis

Main Objective: The primary purpose of this study is to determine if the SUV
measurement from FDG-PET imaging shortly after treatment is a useful predictor
of long-term clinical outcome (survival) after definitive chemoradiotherapy. 

Participants: Eligible patients are those older than 18 years with AJCC clinical
stage IIB/III non-small cell lung carcinoma who are being planned for definitive
concurrent chemoradiotherapy (inoperable disease).

Study Design Summary: A total of 250 participants will be enrolled, including at least
75 with stage IIB/IIIA and at least 75 with stage IIIB disease
. A baseline whole-body
FDG-PET scan will be performed
. Follow up after chemoradiotherapy will comprise
restaging of the disease and a second whole-body FDG-PET scan 12 to 16 weeks
after the completion of radiotherapy (at least 4 weeks after adjuvant chemotherapy).