ACRIN is pleased to make available the presentations from scientific and scientific support committee sessions that took place during the fall meetings with permission from the presenters.  (Presentations of initial ACRIN trial results will not be posted in consideration of the scientific journals' embargo rules.)  Presentations from the Research Associate Educational Session are also posted. 

2011 Presentations

2010 Presentations

2009 Presentations

2008 Presentations

2007 Presentations

2011 ACRIN Annual Meeting Presentations

Plenary Session I

The State of ACRIN: Extending our Reach [PPT]

ACRIN Biostatistics and Data Management Center Update [PPT]

Overview of ECOG [PPT]

NLST Cost Effectiveness Analysis [PPT]

ACRIN 6671 Update [PPT]

Plenary Session II

Accrual Demonstration Project Presentation - D. Mankoff: University of Washington [PPT]

Accrual Demonstration Project Presentation - C. Mertens: University of Iowa [PPT]

Accrual Demonstration Project Presentation - R. Munden: MD Anderson [PPT]

Accrual Demonstration Project Presentation - S. Palmer: MD Anderson [PPT]

Accrual Demonstration Project Presentation - P. Woodard: Washington University [PPT]

Research Associates Education Session

Assessing Health and Economic Outcomes [PPT]

Clinical Trial Development OEWG, RA's Role, and Activating Trials on Deadline [PPT]

CTSU Basics [PPT]

Imaging Challenges for ACRIN Sites Compliance and Set-up [PPT]

Recruitment and Accrual of Special Populations [PPT]

2010 ACRIN Annual Meeting Presentations

Plenary Session I

The State of ACRIN: Working to Secure our Future [PPT]

ACRIN Biostatistics and Data Management Update [PPT]

Whole-Body MRI in the Evaluation of Pediatric Malignancies: Primary Study Results (ACRIN 6660) [PPT]

Results of 2-year ultrasound / MRI follow-up (ACRIN 6666)  [Presentation will be posted after manuscript publication]

Tolerability of Breast Cancer Screening, Diagnostic and Biopsy Procedures: Implications for New Screening Modalities (ACRIN 6666) [PPT]
Assessment of Radiologists’ Performance with Computer-Aided Detection for Digital Mammography (ACRIN 6683)  [PPT]

CT Dose Indices of the Multi-Detector Row CT Scanners used in the National Lung Screening Trial (ACRIN 6654)  [PPT]

Plenary Session II

Comparative Effectiveness Research – Opportunities for Imaging   [PDF]

Abdominal Session

Secondary Retrospective Study to ACRIN 6659 Prostate MRI Trial [PPT]

Pancreatic Cancer and PET Imaging-Collaboration with RTOG [PPT]

ACRIN 6690: CT and MRI for Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Liver Transplant Allocation [PPT]

ACRIN 6673: RF Ablation in HCC Patients [PPT]

Breast Session

ACRIN Breast Committee Overview [PPT]

DMIST Extension Trial - ACRIN 6683 CAD Reader Study [PPT]


ACRIN 6688: Trial Phase II Study of 3'-Deoxy-3'-18F Fluorothymidine (FLT) in Invasive Breast Cancer [PPT]

ACRIN 6657 Extension Trial [PPT]

ACRIN 6694: The Effect of Pre-Operative MRI on Surgical Outcomes, Recurrence Rates, Cost and Quality of Life in Woman with Breast Cancer who are Planning Conserving Surgery [PPT]

ACRIN PA 4006: Tomosynthesis Trial Update and Discussion [PPT]

Special Update: DCIS - A Breast Surgeon's Perspective [PPT]

Cardiovascular Session

Establishing Outcomes: An Overview of the Methods of Outcomes Imaging Research [PPT]

Project Update: ACRIN PA 4005 [PPT]

Project Update: ROMICAT II [PPT]

Project Update: PROMISE [PPT]

Project Update: RESCUE 

Protocol and Site Recruitment [PPT]


Data Analysis and Outcomes Assessment with a Brief Overview of CER [PPT]

Cost-effectiveness and QALY Assessment [PPT]

EISC Session

EISC Committee Overview [PPT]

Distribution of PET Pharmaceuticals for Clinical Trials-a GE Healthcare Prospective [PPT]

ACRIN 6687: 18-F-Fluoride PET as a Pharmacodynamic Biomarker for Dasatinib [PPT]

ACRIN 6688: Fluorine-18 3'-Deoxy-3'-Fluorothymidine (F-18-FLT) in Invasive Breast Cancer [PPT]

ACRIN 6682: Phase II Trial of 64-Cu-ATSM PET/CT in Cervical Cancer [PPT]

The NCI Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN): Overview and Discussion of ACRIN Collaborations [PPT]

The NCI Quantitative Imaging Network (QIN): Overview of Scientific Challenges [PDF]

Gynecologic Session

NCI Gynecologic Steering Committee and Task Force Activity[PPT]

ACRIN 6671/GOG 0233 Update and Questions [PPT]

ACRIN 6682 Update: PET Hypoxia Agents and Questions [PDF]

Biomarkers and Endpoints in Ovarian Cancer Trials [PDF]

ACRIN 6695/GOG 0262: Perfusion Imaging as a Cancer Biomarker [PPT]

ACRIN 6695:/GOG 0262: Technical Considerations of Perfusion CT [PPT]

Thoracic Session

Surgery in High-risk Stage I NSCLC [PDF]

Radiotheraphy in High-risk Stage I NSCLC [PPT]
Randomized Phase II Trial of Individualized Adaptive Radiation Using FDG-PET during Treatment and Modern Radiation Technology to Dose-Escalate Patients with Locally Advanced NSCLC [PPT]

Research Associates Education Session

RA Bootcamp Presentation [PPT]

L. Beccaria Presentation [PPT]

C. Gatsonis Presentation [PDF]

J. Gimpel Presentation [PPT]

M. Heckel Presentation [PPT]

B. Herman Presentation [PPT]

L. Parreco Presentation [PPT]

T. Sitton-Petro Presentation [PPT]

2009 ACRIN Fall Meeting Presentations

Plenary Session I

The State of ACRIN: 10 years of progress [PPT]

ACRIN Biostatistics Center Update [PPT]

Preliminary Results of ACRIN 6673: Multicenter Feasibility Study of Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Cirrhotic Patients [PPT]

Reproducibility of Measures of Cartilage Morphometry, T1rho, and T2 in a Multi-Center Trial (ACRIN PA 4001) [PPT]

CTC Detection of Flat Adenomas in the National CTC Colonography Trial (ACRIN 6664) [PPT]

Comparison of MRI and Mammography for Evaluation of Residual Disease Following Neoadjuvent Chemotherapy for Locally-Advanced Breast Cancer (ACRIN 6657) [PPT]

Minority Accrual into the National Lung Screening Trial (ACRIN 6654) [PPT]

Plenary Session II

Implementing DCE-MRI for Evaluation of Brain Tumors in Multi-Center Clinical Trials: Meeting the Challenges [PPT]

Potential for DCE-MRI as an Angiogenesis Marker [PPT]

Challenges in Quantification of DCE-MRI [PPT]

Approaches to Modeling and Implementation of DCE-MRI in Treatment Trials [PPT]

Challenges in Implantation of DCE-MRI in Public Sector Trials and Potential Technology Solutions [PPT]

Abdominal Session

Recent Advances in Ultrasound [PPT]

Full-Dose, Fixed Dose-Rate, Gemcitabine with Concurrent High-Dose IMRT for Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer [PPT]

EISC Session

ACRIN 6682 Phase II Trial of 64Cu-ATSM PET/CT in Cervical Cancer [PPT]

Society of Nuclear Medicine Clinical Trials Network [PPT]

ACRIN 6688 Phase II Study of 3'-Deoxy-3'-18F Fluorothymidine (FLT) in Invasive Breast Cancer [PPT]

Practical Issues in Patient Recruitment of Experimental Imaging Trials and Barriers to Accrual [PPT]

Research Associate Education Session

Ten Years of Tops [PPT]

Single Pulmonary Nodule Characterization: SUV's Are They Trustworthy H Nabi [PPT]

Lung Cancer Imaging [PDF]

Sensitivity in Recruiting the Terminally Ill [PPT]

TRIAD Presentation [PPT]


D Mankoff RA Talk [PDF]

ACRIN 2009 Imaging Probes [PDF]

Audit Slides/Fall Meeting [PPT]

ACRIN Adverse Advent Reporting [PPT]

ACRIN Letterman [PDF]

Site Operations Tool [PPT]

Clinical Trial 101 - T Petro [PPT]

Celebrating 10 Years of RA Education Sessions [PPT]

2008 ACRIN Fall Meeting Presentations

Plenary Session I

State of ACRIN:  10 years of investment [PPT]

BDMC Report [PDF]

Plenary Session II

Design and Sequence of Biomarker Studies [PDF]

Imaging as a Biomarker for Prediction and Clinical Management [PDF]

Abdominal and Gynecologic Committee Combined Session

CT Radiation Dose [PPT]

Monitoring Response of Metastatic Bone Disease by PET [PPT]

Abdominal/Pelvic Perfusion and Diffusion MRI [PPT]

Gynecologic Committee

ACRIN 6671 Update [PPT]

ACRIN 6682 Update [PPT]

Research Associate Educational Session

2007 ACRIN FAll Meeting Presentations

Plenary Session

Digital Mammo CE [PPT]

MRI/MRSI for Prostate Cancer [PPT]

RFA for Painful Bone Mets [PPT]

BDMC Update [PPT]

ACRIN Update [PPT]

Bruce Hilman MD: Looking Back [PPT]

Targeted Therapies [PPT]

Research Associate Educational Session

Adverse Events Reporting [PPT]

Clinical Trials 101 [PPT] 

Personality Types [PPT]

Personal Accountability [PPT]

Data Standards Curation [PPT]

Clinical Trial Informatics [PPT]

Imaging Modality Descriptions [PPT]




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