ACRIN’s success depends upon the dedication of many individuals and institutions to further its research agenda.  Each year at the ACRIN Fall Meeting, exemplary performance is recognized through the presentation of the following awards.
  • Outstanding Contribution Award -- acknowledges those who have gone above and beyond in performing their specific roles whether it’s leading a trial, coordinating a study, or providing critical support.  
  • Network Chair’s Institutional Achievement Award -- recognizes institutions that excel in all aspects of ACRIN participation.   
  • Jo-Ann D’Amato Award of Excellence -- honors a research associate who most exemplifies the dedication demonstrated by our deceased colleague. 
  • Special Populations Award -- highlights the institution that has made. concerted efforts to reach out to recruit minority and underserved volunteers on to ACRIN trials.
The presentations serve to highlight the enormous amount of time and energy that is contributed to ACRIN’s research and inspire all who participate in the network’s activities.   
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